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What is Fortnite

Fortnite Battle Royale was released free to players in September of 2017 for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. In just a couple of months, Fortnite became hugely popular. Today, everyone knows about Fortnite, it has even been mentioned on the news channels a few times!

Fortnite Battle Royale is extremely fun and rewarding to players when they win which is why its become so addicting for some people. We believe our V bucks generator and gaining Free VBucks adds to the fun!

What Are V-Bucks In Fortnite?

In the hit video game Fortnite, there’s a currency called V-Bucks. VBucks are needed in order to purchase Llamas, which may get you XP, various objects, and rare guns. Sometimes you may receive rare heroes.

How To Get Free VBucks?

You can buy V bucks from Fortnite, or you can use our Free VBucks Fortnite Generator to generate free v bucks. If the tool is not working by any chances you can try again later. If it still not works you can always contact us and we will fix it. Sometimes the Vbucks generator gets overcrowded and it can get a bit sow.

Fortnite Battle Royale Pro Tips

Improve Editing

First up, number 1 is editing. You have not mastered Fortnite until you have mastered editing. And I fall under this too because it’s hard. It takes some lightning-fast coordination. Pro gamers edit faster than almost anybody else in the game. The kills they get because of this are insane. Not only that but most people aren’t used to editing yet. So they’re looking for their next piece to build. Maybe healing up, shielding up they want to get the height advantage back on you. And while you’re dropping three or four pieces of building you’re putting a shotgun into their face in a second or two before they even know what happened they’re dead. So how do you improve editing? First know what edit you’re gonna want to use.

On a flat piece you will usually only ever need to edit out like one or two of the squares of the four. This gives you room to either drop down on top of someone or walk up through your flat piece. So you can keep stairs building upwards after taking maybe some fire from above. Which are number one moving the stairs to one side making them skinny moving them to the left or right of you. Or two just rotating the stairs. That’s it! Two edits is pretty much all you’ll ever need to use with stairs.

Normally if you’re trying to drop down on an enemy you won’t worry about rotating the stairs. So think of stairs is just pretty much 1 edit and that is three blocks up one side. And you can either shoot down four the skinny staircase that you made or just drop down on somebody who thought they were safe below you. The last thing you will edit the most is the wall. With the wall you will edit a lot of corners out by doing either three or four cubes every once in a while. You’ll see a pro edit a single cube out to make a window but usually it’s just the corners. And then land either a quick shotgun maybe close the Edit or to build stairs or ramps and regain the height advantage. Editing is the difference between a good player and a pro.

Use Your Entire Loadout of Weapons in a Fight

The second thing that pros do is use their entire loadout of weapons in a fight. You know they only have about ten health left. I started seeing what pros do in this instance after watching ninja fight after fight pull out any gun he had to kill someone.

If your enemy has 10 help do not wait for your next shot to load in your shotgun just a deal 10 damage. Sure you can pull out a second shotgun shave a little bit of time off your next bit of damage. But don’t forget you can even pull out your AR as well. Blasting even a white burst or a white AR in close quarters combat is perfect for landing that last 10 or 20 health and bringing somebody down.

Just whatever you do, don’t wait in a fight jumping around for another shot to load. Just switch to something then switch back to your shotgun. And of course do it fast because most fights only last like 3 seconds in close quarters. All the pros do learn to quickly calculate damage, know what your opponent has left. Also throw out those explosives that you should be carrying around which leads us to number three.

Prioritize Your Explosives

Pros prioritize explosives. We have 5 slots to carry weapons and items within fortnite. In my opinion that sucks because you always have to give up something that you don’t want to give. I love my bolt-action sniper but I’ve had to give that up quite a bit lately. Because it just isn’t as powerful as other items and puts me at a disadvantage. If I carry it around now the way things are right now. If you aren’t using two shotguns you’re at a disadvantage. Not carrying any shield? you’re still at disadvantage. And here is the most important thing if you aren’t carrying explosives you’re at a disadvantage. You may always want to finished the fight before it even started.

Always Be On The Move

Next up, number four is never stand still. I’m not going to spend a ton of time on this since you guys might already know. But for you guys that still stand still and never move that is probably why you died so much. Until you learn to move around constantly and never ever sit still you will die way more than you need to. I hid a ton of headshots with my sniper and probably 90% of them are because somebody is not moving out of the other 10% of the other shots. I bet probably five or six percent or because somebody isn’t standing still but they aren’t jumping either.

So many of my Snipes have missed because somebody jumps when I shoot. That’s all they had to do was just jump it saved them like a hundred and fifty health or whatever it is. This isn’t just for sniping either. There’s a recent pros are constantly jumping up and down with shotgunning and sometimes even while using an AR.