10 Biggest Mistakes Players Make in Fortnite

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1. Building With Your Mouse Wheel

Whether you’re new to the game or are a long-term veteran, there is always a way to improve. In this article, we’ll discuss a few mistakes that a lot of Fortnite players make. We’ll also discuss how you can fix them.

2. Chopping Down Whole Trees

Unless you are a Fortnite God, then you should refrain from chopping down whole trees. If you want to attract people’s attention this is the best way to do. They will hear the constant hacking. And if they can’t hear it, the most observant will notice a trail of trees steadily disappearing. So unless you’re looking for a fight then give the trees a few chops and move on to the next one.

3. Landing In Heavy Traffic Areas

You will notice that the second players allowed to jump off the bus, they do. And this is perfectly fine…if you don’t mind a lot of early game combat. You see, the more populated the landing are, the more you will have to fight early on. And the more you have to fight early on, the less time you will have to loot for weapons and farm for materials. So, if you want to set yourself up nicely for the rest of the game, you may want to stay away from the populated areas…at least at first.

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4. Never Confronting The Enemy

There are a lot of people who choose to run and hide when attacked. They simply don’t like confrontation or maybe they just don’t want to waste bullets. And though you could always win games like this, its very unlikely. If you want to get more kills under your belt or develop your skills, then you’re going to need to engage the enemy. Get some easy action by engaging people who are completely unaware of your presence. Perhaps just after they have been in a shoot out with someone else and are trying to heal or maybe someone who is obviously jogging past you.

5. Going For The Loot Without Paying Attention To Your Surroundings

Those guns and potions look really shiny and beautiful, especially when you need to heal and are all out of ammo. But if you notice a huge cluster of loot in on area, as if someone were just killed there, then you need to think twice before running over to pick them up. It could very likely be a trap–an enemy waiting for someone like you to come a long so that they can take the perfect shot. So remember, fools rush in. Before you grab the loot, scout out the area from every angle and only take what you need.

6. Neglecting Building Materials

When you’re trying to protect yourself, the first things that come to mind are guns and rocket launchers. The last things that comes to mind are bricks and wood. However, these things are just as important as weapons. So don’t get so focused on finding the biggest and bestest weapons that you overlook that brick or stack of wood. Every little bit counts–especially when you make it to the top 3.

7. Starting Out With The Wrong Weapon

Most experienced players will agree that your search for weapons should not end until you have found a shotgun. This is especially the case in the very beginning of the game. So why is the shotgun so important? Well, it’s great protection for going in and out of buildings. It can do a lot of damage and at short range.

8. They Stop Moving When They Hear Footsteps

When you hear a pair of footsteps and they seem dangerously close, it can be very tempting to stop moving. That’s because in most cases, you have no idea where the noise is coming from. And you want to get a better idea of which direction you should point your weapon. But here’s the thing: by standing still, the only thing you’re doing is making it easier for them to find you. You’re essentially a sitting duck.

If you’re ever in a situation where you can’t tell where the footsteps are coming from, get out of the building and then build stairs to the rooftop.This puts you at a height advantage. At that point you’ll be out of danger and have more control. If you’re in a field then you have two options: build a quick fort and fight or throw up walls as you run away.

9. Not Having Any Goals

Once you’ve landed and found your weapons, there’s not much left to do but aimlessly roam around. You’re either looking for people to kill or hiding from predators. Here’s the problem with that, when you have no clear plan of what you’re going to do next, it’s very easy to get stuck in the same areas. This makes it easy for people to track you. And if you’ve just crossed that field, there’s a good chance that someone is following you. Make it your goal to loot.

10. Forgetting To Build When Under Attack

If you want to be able to fend off an attacker or someone who is trying to ambush you, then you need to build. This is especially the case if someone is ramp rushing you. You need to get the high ground before they do. So build and do it quickly.



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