How To Survive The Storm in Fortnite

There is nothing more menacing than the huge thud that comes along with a Fortnite storm notification. However, even if you get caught in the storm, you can survive. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Always Run

While you could easily throw in the towel, shoot off all the rockets you have and dance, you can still save yourself. So run. This may seem like common sense, but there are a lot of Fortnite players who give up hope when they get caught a little too far out in the storm. What do you have to lose? Keep moving.

Bandages and first aid kits are your friend

A huge part of your survival has a lot to do with the way you use your first aid supplies. Instead of waiting until you get out of the storm to heal yourself, you should use your bandages and first aids kit strategically as you run to safety. When you see that your health bar is getting very low, stop and bandage up. This will take a bit of practice at first, as you will have to predict how much time you have left in the storm. And be careful when using medkits. Yes, they can give you full health, but they take longer to use.

Use those campfires

Whenever you build a floor and place a campfire down, it burns and allows you to heal little by little. These can come in clutch if you’re all out of bandages and medkits. Also, what most people don’t know is that you can actually stack campfires. The more you place directly around you, the quicker you can heal. So stand in the middle of your campfires and be healed!

fortnite storm

Don’t engage

If someone starts shooting at you while you are running in the storm, keep moving. Of course, you can protect yourself by throwing up a wall every so often, but resist the urge to engage in combat. Fighting during a storm is usually a death sentence. So let that loser die on his own.

Use jump pads

If you have a jump pad, use it to your advantage. Build ramps as high as you can and then place a jump pad on the floor. In the best case scenario, this will propel you out of the storm.

Follow the blue brick road

Don’t try to guess where the storm ends. Use your map. It will show you a blue, straight line to the quickest way out. Stay on top of the blue line as much as possible. If you can, build over small mountains and buildings in order to keep your line as straight possible. In some cases, you may just have to go around large structure until you can get back on track.

Box up

Okay, so you have made it out of the storm. You’re in the clear right? Not just yet. For every storm, there is a storm chaser. This is the person who sits just beyond the outskirts of the storm, waiting for wounded souls to come barreling into their open arms. However, their arms are usually weighed down with heavy weaponry. And the only thing they want to share with you are their bullets. So you need to box up, meaning build your small fort as soon as you make it out. Take this time to heal. Then you’re safe….relatively.

Manage your time wisely

So you’ve mastered the storm–don’t get too comfortable. The storm damage works in phases. Throughout the game, each subsequent storm hits your health harder. For example, in the earliest part of the game, the first storm will only tick for one damage per second. However, by the time the last storm arrives, it can tick for up to 10 or more damage per second.

What this means is, you should always pay attention to where the storm is. As they say, prevention is the best cure. So practice monitoring your time and map wisely.

If you’re ever in a situation where you can’t tell where the footsteps are coming from, get out of the building and then build stairs to the rooftop.This puts you at a height advantage. At that point you’ll be out of danger and have more control. If you’re in a field then you have two options: build a quick fort and fight or throw up walls as you run away.

Final tip

Remember the pesky guy who was shooting at you while you were trying to get out of the storm? Well, once you have made it out and have healed, build high ground and wait for him to barrel out. It’s time for revenge. That is, if that loser ever makes it out in the first place.

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